Alerts: System outages, OEM website changes & other updates as they are received

* Some information may apply to USA only

  • General MotorsGeneral Motors confirmed Tuesday it had removed the PDFs of collision repair procedures it had been providing for free, noting that they alone weren’t enough for a body shop to produce a “safe and proper repair.” Other site content such as position statements remain on the web site. General technical docuements are on the GM web site, accessible through, remain there. The free PDFs only contained body repair instructions — they lacked the “mechanical” service and repair information also typically necessary to fix modern vehicles. Hyperlinks within their pages indicating other instructions repairers might wish to reference weren’t active. Repairers can still find the necessary body repair information — and all those other procedures they’ll need — along with live hyperlinks and even videos on the paid ACDelco GM procedure site. It’s $20 for three days, $150 a month and $1,200 a year. (May 16, 2019)
  • Volkswagen - VW released a document describing the process required when requesting ODIS assistance with a failed test plan. This process should NOT be used to report software installation or logon errors. Note: We cannot troubleshoot your issue without this information. Download the instructions here (PDF) (April 11, 2019)
  • General Motors - The General Motoros payment transaction system went down this morning around 11:00 am. Please be advised that your credit card may not be honoured until this problem is resolved. (March 13, 2019)

  • Volkswagen - You may receive an ODS1003E or ODS9004E error when attempting to perform an ODIS update. We are working to resolve the issue. Note: This does NOT affect your online access such as coding keys, flashing or any other online function you may perform. (March 13, 2019)
    Update March 14, 2019: The above issue has been resolved

  • Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) - TCI announced enhancements to the certified collision centre program that was introduced in 2016.The rules for the program not really changed, however the administration and certification process has been greatly improved / streamlined. (March 5, 2019) Read More »

  • General Motors Delco - We are receiving reports today that the General Motors Delco site is having problems migrating security accounts and that the Support Centre is not functioning. We are advised that this is a temporary problem. This problem is also impacting subscription purchases. (February 18, 2019)

  • Update from NASTF for Canadian VSPs RE: Migrating their accounts to the U.S. Please find below the latest message from NASTF. This was not sent to the Canadian VSP office, but we have now received permission to distribute these copyrighted instructions. This appears to be the "official" offer for those Canadian accounts to migrate to the NASTF U.S. system at

    For those accounts that were approved in Canada before June 9, 2018, this process should apply. Please note that on some areas regarding honouring payments and insurance policy information, there are changes since the December alert on the site (below). Please remember that all Canadian passcodes were terminated by NASTF on December 6, 2018, so no previously issued passcode will now work and you must apply to the U.S. NASTF online application process at to continue to access OEM security-biased information. Your payment made in Canada will be honoured. NASTF advises that those that were double-charged by NASTF will be refunded.

    For those that were not finalized for completion in Canada, or that applied after June 9, 2018, we would refer you to the previous alert on the web site from NASTF on how to handle your account. NASTF advises that you will not need to repay. If you have applied for the Canadian security approval program after June 9, 2018, NASTF may have no records retained for you and you will need the criminal record profile and paid receipts previously sent to you by the Canadian office. Thanks for your patience. (February 6, 2019)

    Canadian VSP Migration Invitation
    Dear Canadian Vehicle Security Professional
    You can transfer your active existing account at no charge to the NASTF SDRM 2.0 portal. You will find attached a link to directions to perform this. Please NOTE: If you have an active subscription DO NOT pay if the site takes you to the payment screen. Contact for assistance.

    To expedite your requests please put Canada in the subject heading as we have a team of support agents trained in the nuances of migrating these accounts. Detailed directions and links are in this document. Please download from our site here: click this link. This file is under 1mb and is a PDF.

    Many of you have already completed this process. These directions will make it much easier for the rest of you. Please consider any other instruction or contact information you have to be superseded by these.
    -NASTF Canadian Support Team

  • Kia Motors Corporation (KMC)
    Updated March 24, 2019: This package may not be applicable in Canada. Inquiries have already been made to Kia Canda and more information will be posted here when received.
    Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) announced that they have a new J2534 Compatible Diagnostics Package available starting 1/17/19. This scan tool software works with 2018 + KMC products. They also have released the latest version of their reprogramming software. Info on the KIA website here. Pricing information has been updated on the NASTF site here. This was a great collaboration with KIA and NASTF. KIA in South Korea was not clear on the MOU or MASS R2R regulation last summer. They were able to develop this tool pretty quickly. (February 5, 2019)

  • Nissan announced today through NASTF that the long awaited CVT programming file database is functional. CVT transmission calibration files are now available at From the home page, click on the "Service Support Items" button to start the file purchase process. Click on NTB12-103e for applied vehicles and the "Write" procedure. Danny Uhls at Nissan has worked on this project for 2 years. (February 5, 2019)

  • Thank you for your continued interest in the CASIS Vehicle Security Professional program.
    If you have applied for or renewed your participation in the program after June 9, 2018 or your file has not yet been processed by June 9, 2018:

    The organization that controls the passcodes for OEM access in the United States (NASTF) has decided to operate this program without a Canadian administrator and advised us on Dec 3, 2018 that all applications from Canada must come to them in a new, online fashion. On December 6, 2018, NASTF cancelled all Canadian access for shops that were using the current VSP Passcodes. However, it seems none of the information that we have forwarded to them since June 9, 2018 has been entered into their database, so your application is one that has not shown on the system in the United States and you have not been placed as yet into the security access process.

    NASTF has made the following offer to us and you to solve this:

    "Article 2: Pending VSPs
    NASTF recognizes that there are a number of pending VSPs for which payment and processing of the application have already occurred. NASTF also recognizes that many of these applications and renewals are many months old.

    In an effort to relieve any financial strain refunding their fees may create NASTF is willing to accept all of these VSPs without remuneration under the following conditions: All documents required of existing VSPs are provided plus a copy of the background check approval from Sterling and proof of receipt of payment. This information will be entered into the registry by NASTF staff within a 45 day period of NASTF’s acknowledged receipt of complete documents organized by individual account in electronic format (pdf or jpeg). NASTF will provide a secure location for the transfer of those files. Immediately following data entry into SDRM they will be destroyed. These individuals will receive a start date for their subscription on the day their application information is entered and completed and will be honored for the full 2 years."

    (The Canadian VSP office is forwarding each of our clients a copy of their criminal record background check and a paid receipt copy in order to help.)

    You will also need:

    • A current certificate of liability insurance (or equivalent) naming NASTF as a certificate holder/additional insured (VSPs will be allowed to migrate using their current liability policy. Compliance with this requirement shall be no later than January 15, 2019)
    • Proof of identification – Driver’s License
    • Business card or letter head showing business phone number and address.
    • Copy of required license(s) required for the area in which they operate their business
    A suitable waiver will be positioned on the first screen of the application explaining NASTF’s responsibility with regard to Canadian and US Privacy regulations. Observing that NASTF is a not for profit and is exempt from most PIPEDA requirements as it relates to VSPs. The only information that NASTF collects from VSPs that is covered by PIPEDA is the driver’s license. NASTF maintains very tight control of individuals allowed access to the information our VSPs provide, limiting access to a few admins and our security screening partner NCFTA. NICB, Automakers and Law enforcement may be provided with some of this information only if the situation warrants it."

    Any application that has not been accepted to date by NASTF will now need to be sent in online to by January 15, 2019. Please call the Canadian VSP office at 1-866-309-4272 for more information or the U.S. office at NASTF at 1-855-636-2783.
    Thank you for your patience. (January 2, 2019)

  • ATTENTION VEHICLE SECURITY PROFESSIONALS - Thank you for your continued involvement in the Vehicle Security Professional program in Canada. The program is changing and your participation is critical to your business receiving continued security information.

    All Canadian Passcodes (but not LSID/VSP numbers) no longer function, effective December 6, 2018. All Canadian VSPs must "migate" to the U.S. system by filling out an online vehicle security application at

    This is a a challenging changeover for many and your full support and involvement is very important in order for you to continue receiving sensitive automaker data for security purposes in your continued efforts to better repair customer's vehicles with their approval.

    This process applies for current valid, paid up VSPs in Canada, who possess a valid LSID/VSP number. Please read this NASTF information page for details.

    Once you are familiar with this process you will need to migrate your account to the NASTF online portal. Please click the link provided on the NASTF page and identify that you already have an LSID (VSP) number (yellow box on the application page) and you will be taken to a specific page to input your business information into a new account. All current Canadian valid account information has already been sent to NASTF , so you should find your file on their application page.

    Understand that you are now providing your personal private information to an agency outside of Canada and you should read their privacy policy to get a better understanding of how they treat your data. You will be asked to provide, after reviewing a video and successfully completing a test, through a photographic electronic transfer to your new account at NASTF:

    1. A copy of your current insurance liability policy showing a $1,000,000 (Cdn.)minimum commercial coverage and if you are not an officer or director or owner of your company, an additional dishonesty rider copy of your insurance policy in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. (Cdn). You may need to show NASTF on the policy as a named insured.
    2. A copy of your provincial driver's license.

    NASTF advises that will not charge a fee for membership if your membership is still valid in Canada. NASTF advises that they will not process an additional background check if you have had one done in Canada. NASTF will handle renewal invoices into the future.

    For more information on this important changeover, please call NASTF at 1-855-636-2783 or email
    Thank you (Jaunary 2, 2019)

    The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) has changed the way Canadian VSPs access OEM data from the manufacturers. Because of this change your supplied access passcodes will no longer be valid (although your LSID/VSP number is still valid). In order to access security information from the manufacturers, all current VSPs in Canada will be required to register online with the U.S. group at Please follow the instructions under their Vehicle Security Professional tab.

    Their phone number is 1-855-636-2783 should you need it. This will be your contact if you have any problem with online registration. If the Canadian office can help, our number is 1-866-309-4272. (December 12, 2018)

  • Audi - Please read this important service information bulletin regarding an incorrect Audi URL, which may prevent Audi Diagnostics from beginning. This document provides a simple fix and only takes about 1 minute to complete. It should be done on all ODIS laptops. Note: VW Diagnostics was not affected by this. (November 27, 2018)

  • VSP Registry will be down for automaker testing of SDRM 2.0, Wednesday Nov 21st, 4-5PM EST for Canadian VSP users. We apologize for this system closure. We were unaware until Wednesday noon EST by reading the NASTF web site that this was taking place. We hope to get advance notice of this in the future, that we can pass on to you.

  • FCA - FCA is having issues with their Key site and is working to restore functionality. (November 19, 2018)

  • Notice to Canadian Vehicle Security Professional registrants. - The U.S. NASTF program that we rely on to supply us with the required codes for Canadian VSP approved locksmiths and techs to access OEM security data and security-biased downloads is changing. You can read up on pending changes on the NASTF website website. The new process will be called "SDRM 2.0".

    Although you may have been invited to migrate to the new system, please do NOT.

    The U.S. system is not yet configured to accept Canadian applications nor migration of your account. The Canadian office is trying to arrange for a bulk transfer of data in order to make this eventual changeover easier for you.

    You will be advised of the process, with hopefully a valid training video to help, from the Canadian VSP office. We expect that account migration to occur in late 2018 or early 2019.

    For approved registrants in Canada already using their VSP or LSID number, nothing changes at this time. If your 2 year VSP subscription has expired you are still registered on the current system, however you do need to send in your new application renewal to the Canadian office.

    If you have been suspended and then re-instated you may not have in fact been re-instated and you will know when you access an OEM site and are refused. These are being handled on a case-by-case basis with NASTF, once you bring that to the Canadian VSP office's attention.

    If you have applied for VSP status after June 9, 2018 or have not had your file approved in Canada by that date you are not on the VSP program at this time. We continue to work with NASTF to try and remedy this, and are providing NASTF whatever they request to get this to work. We apologize to you for the troubles you may be experiencing and we are working to fix this with NASTF. Please direct any inquires to the Canadian VSP office at 1-866-309-4272. (November 10, 2018)

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