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This page contains links to diagnostic, repair and service information provided by Toyota, plus additional, third-party resources. All resources are available to all automotive repair professionals. Some types of information are free, while others require a subscription purchase. Access to Toyota Vehicle Security Information (key codes, immobilizer reset procedures, etc.) is not available in Canada at this time.

Service and repair data is available for all Toyota vehicles sold in Canada.

How to set up accounts with Toyota: Go to the Toyota Service Information website, Click the radio button beside the Canadian flag icon, then click "Welcome from Toyota Canada" to download a PDF document outlining the resources available to Canadian subscribers. When ready, click the "Subscribe" button under "Need an account?". The next page shows you how to subscribe. Click "Continue" and register your account.

System requirements.

Select the type of information you need from the links below.

Subscription prices (USD) * All prices quoted for comparison only and are subject to change

Subscription type Short term Month Year/other Security Professional

Service Information (Standard)

Professional Diagnostic

$15 (48 hours)

$55 (48 hours)



$400 (1 year)

$1,095 (1 year)

Sorry, not available in Canada

Is the information you're looking for unavailable? Use the Service Information Request form for Canada.

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